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Our Approach

Botanical Solutions uses technology, chemistry, agriculture, and industry expertise to produce high-quality CBD extraction, processing, and refinement services and products. We represent a new model of processing company that prioritizes vertical integration and a culture of collaboration. We've designed a model that offers processing and agricultural support with an emphasis on mutual growth for all players.

With expertise in conventional commodity sales, big box retailers, and 30+ years designing and sourcing products, our business model guarantees superior quality goods and fosters genuine relationships. We provide a service that empowers businesses to maximize their market potential, gain advantage, and grow organically.

Our high-capacity ethanol extraction process, sonic resonance THC Remediation technology, and top-of-the-line lab allows Botanical Solutions to customize extractions and deliver consistently superior products ranging from full spectrum crude extract to T-Free distillate.

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The Local Farmer Program

Botanical Solutions provides ongoing education, mentorship, and assistance for experienced and burgeoning farmers looking to optimize their yield, revitalize their land, and create the highest-quality CBD on the market. From complimentary farm strategy and design consultation, to harvesting assistance, and industry insights, Botanical Solutions equips farmers with a comprehensive set of tools to grow exceptional hemp.

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Precision-Made Formulas

Botanical Solution offers a range of products and services developed from the cleanest and highest-quality raw materials. All products are manufactured in our Portland-based processing facility. Our high-caliber products are tested at a 3rd party lab for pesticides, biological contaminants, and heavy metals to ensure safe and efficient products.

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Extraction Facilities

From solvents, to oils, to CO2, there are numerous ways to separate cannabinoids from their source. Some methods are more affordable, some are more efficient, and some are simple. However the bottom line is that when you compromise your extraction method, you compromise the integrity and efficacy of your product.

The Botanical Solutions facility and extraction team offers efficient solutions and industrial-scale processing for a variety of needs. Farmers interested in toll processing, small extraction facilities in search of productive solutions, and consumers seeking exceptional CBD products will benefit from Botanical Solutions’ facility services.

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reimagining the hemp industry

botanical solutions hemp industry

We are proud to be Organic, cGMP, CFR-111, and Kosher certified. In addition, we're actively pursuing all relevant certifications including, but not limited to, SQF, ISO-9001, and EU GMP certifications. As technology and processes change, Botanical Solutions will lead in official certifications and advancements.

botanical solutions hemp industry

Botanical Solutions believes in transparent relationships. Our farmers, business partners, and distributors are carefully vetted to ensure that the products we develop are as strong as the relationships we’ve built.

botanical solutions hemp industry

Through the process of seed procuring, harvesting, and extraction, we actively monitor each action taken to transform hemp into CBD. A vertically-integrated approach allows us to offer competitive pricing and top-of-the line products.

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