Matt Jacobson

Production Manager

Matt, Production Technician, is a Process Engineer with a background in biomass conversion and extraction processes.  Matt’s previous work with membrane separation technologies, process optimization, and safety standards will help Botanical Solutions consistently produce high quality cannabinoids. When Matt is not assisting with operations on the floor, his past lab experiences with HPLC, QA, and CBD will ensure our lab is operating at an optimal level. Additionally, Matt is interested in analyzing our spent biomass for additional co-products in order to reduce our carbon footprint.  Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Bioresource Science and Engineering, with a Business Option, as well as a Minor in Environmental Science and Resource Management, from the University of Washington.  After having an interest in the vast possibilities of cannabinoids and endocannabinoid system, Matt is excited by the opportunity to further his research and experiences with Botanical Solutions.

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