Elijah Souza

Distillation Specialist

Elijah Souza has seven years of experience working in and managing licensed cannabis and hemp extraction labs in three different states. He has developed several highly valuable standard operating procedures during his time in the industry, such as terpene extraction with CO2 and isolation of pharmaceutical grade purity THCa without the use of solvents. Elijah also has five years of consulting and employee training experience in the cannabis and hemp industry on topics such as lipid filtration, solvent recovery, cannabinoid distillation, cannabinoid isolation, isomerization of cannabinoids, formulation of final products, and compliancy with OLCC/ BCC/ Metric/ OHSA/ CGMP standards. Elijah has worked in several startup environments and has substantial experience designing labs, building labs and installing scientific equipment. Having graduated with a Bachelors degree in Biology and minor in Philosophy from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, Elijah is a quick logic based critical thinker and problem solver. He also has a molecular understanding of the thermodynamics and chemical kinetics involved in all extraction procedures and formulations being preformed as well as how those molecular interactions change with vacuum or pressure.

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