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High-quality crude oils, distillates, and isolates.

Our range of CBD products reflects the integrity, attention to detail, and quality of operations that shape our company culture – transparency, quality, and efficacy.

We use the cleanest and highest-quality raw materials for our products. Every batch and product is tested by a third party lab for pesticides, biological contaminants, and heavy metals to assess the safety and quality of our products.

Our state-of-the-art facility can process 5,000 pounds per eight hour shift, ensuring timely returns and a consistent supply of quality products.

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CBD, CBG, CBDa, CBGa Crude

We are extremely selective in our starting material. Using premium biomass sourced locally from the Pacific Northwest, Botanical Solutions produces high-quality crudes that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes at our state-of-the-art facility. We give our customers the option to select from a wide variety of cannabinoid profiles in our stock. Customers can also request custom orders. Crude oils are available winterized or unwinterized and decarboxylated or non-decarboxylated. 

Please inquire with our sales staff for a full list of our inventory to find the crude that best suits your product needs.

Broad Spectrum Distillates

Our selection of distillates retains many of the whole plant benefits of the crude oil that is used to make it, except it has a higher CBD/CBG percentage and is available with under 0.3% total THC. These distillates offer a higher percentage of cannabinoids than crude while still containing many of the beneficial terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

THC free Distillates

Botanical Solutions’ THC remediation system can effectively reduce the THC in our distillates to non-detect levels, as verified by the industry's top third-party testing laboratories.

CBD/CBG Isolate

Utilizing multiple recrystallizations to provide the purest isolate, our extraction team purifies distillate into a 99%+ pure crystalline powder. Available as whole crystal or ground into a fine powder.

CBC (Cannabichromene)

As our collective understanding of the minor cannabinoids that make up the hemp plant evolves, people are getting excited about the potential of cannabichromene (CBC). We are too, and we are proud to provide CBC both by the kilo, or as part of a custom formulation.

Water Soluble Isolate Powder

Coming soon

Standard isolate powders only readily dissolve in oil or alcohols. By processing isolate further, we create a product that will dissolve in warm water, perfect for products that don’t use an oil or alcohol delivery system.

Nano-Emulsion Concentrate

Coming soon

Using either a custom blend of cannabinoids or your preferred isolate, distillate or crude product, we create a highly bioavailable solution of cannabinoids. By creating liposomes that the human body can easily utilize, nano-emulsion is emerging as one of the preferred methods of delivery for CBD products. Our laboratory staff is happy to consult with you to find the appropriate concentration for use in your products.

Custom Formulations

Tell us what you need and build your own product, choosing from our list of isolates and distillates to create unique blends and ratios of CBD, CBG and CBC. This service is available for pure concentrates or as a nano-emulsion, and we can also blend your customized mix into a carrier oil.

from seed to shelf

Toll Processing

We offer highly competitive toll processing, as well as purchasing of biomass. Whether your farm is looking to directly sell biomass or produce a custom-tailored CBD extract for your consumer product, we're able to design a variety of solutions.

Product-Split Arrangements

Botanical Solutions believes in partnerships and flexibility. We are happy to discuss terms and arrangements for product split contracts, product sales opportunities, and alternative solutions to support your growth.

The Local Farmer Partner Program

Partner farms can rely on our expert staff in botany, hemp agriculture, pest management, and farm design to help farmers produce the highest yields of quality hemp. We are happy to walk partners through the intricacies of hemp extraction and production.

Our Facilities

The Botanical Solutions lab combines industrial-scale processing with scientific precision to produce high-quality CBD extraction services and products. Our proprietary extraction technology and chemists efficiently process large contracts without sacrificing quality or efficacy.

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