Why Our Diversity of Experience Sets Us Apart

Why Our Diversity of Experience Sets Us Apart

August 18, 2020

Botanical Solutions leads with science, customer service excellence, and industry expertise. This formula has sustained the success of our business from its creation to our current day, and it will continue to inform our future success. One of the highlights of our business model is the diversity of our leadership with experience in a multitude of professional arenas including management, supply chain, agriculture, retailing, growing, and processing. It’s a strength that we’ve exploited to make your experience as a partner one that guarantees excellence in all aspects of our partnership. Read more about how our professional expertise enhances the quality of Botanical Solutions’ business practices. 


Our CEO, Gary Cohen, brings over 40 years of multidisciplinary experience in retail, agriculture, and technology to Botanical Solutions. We represent a new model of processing company that prioritizes vertical integration and a culture of collaboration. And with Gary’s expertise in conventional commodity sales, big-box retailers, and 30+ years designing and sourcing products, our business model guarantees superior quality goods and empowers businesses to maximize their market potential. Additionally, Botanical Solutions’ robust knowledge of market behavior allows us to drive our products to diverse markets on both micro and macro scales. We know that science determines the quality of the product but our knowledge of sales and business partnerships makes us a worthy competitor and partner in an industry that needs more distinctive service.

Chemistry and Agriculture

Leading the innovative science and technology behind our services and products are Gavin Rush, COO and Josh Merril, Lead Chemist. Both of these experienced cannabis and hemp professionals bring many years of scientific practice to Botanical Solutions. Gavin brings over ten years of experience in the cannabis sector and in food and cannabis production from which he has acquired skills in the following: cultivation, plant propagation, soil science, farm design & management, processing, extraction, distribution, regulatory mechanisms, and compliance.

Similarly, Josh brings a diversity of experience to his role as our Lead Chemist with experience in designing, building, and managing processing facilities to push our boundaries and set a new industry standard. His passions for innovation and plant medicines make him an invaluable asset to our team and, combined with Gavin’s agricultural experience, promises the best quality processing services in the industry.

Customer Service

One of the cornerstones of our business is the commitment to a customer-first experience which comes directly from Gary, CEO, and CFO, Arthur Steinhorn’s, long-standing belief that when we center the customer’s interest, we can offer them exactly what they require. Successful businesses require relationships to be transparent and communicative. We want our customers to feel heard, supported, and confident when they enter a business relationship with us. That’s why when our clients book our THC remediation service, we incur the loss of volume not only because we trust that our innovative technology reduces the loss, but also because our clients should not pay for a product they won’t receive.

Botanical Solutions designed a model that offers extraction and agricultural support with an emphasis on mutual growth for all players. We provide a service that empowers businesses to maximize their market potential, gain an advantage, and grow organically.

Watch this video of Gary and Gavin introducing Botanical Solutions and the model from which we run our operations.

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