Why Farmers Matter

Why Farmers Matter

April 6, 2020

Efficacy. Integrity. Expertise. That’s our motto.

In creating Botanical Solutions, our partners wanted to emphasize the importance of collaboration in our business model, not as a performance for the sake of attraction, but because we genuinely cared about the quality of our products. Creating the best of any product requires close attention to all facets of that product’s creation from procurement, to refinement and sale. Botanical Solutions proudly practices a seed-to-harvest upstream supply chain approach that not only enables us to work closely with farmers, but to also regulate our extraction methods starting from the ground up.

As it pertains to CBD, we know that a combination of agriculture, chemistry, and expertise determines the extract’s quality. It’s the reason we are so closely involved in our farming process. And it’s not just for the benefit of the hemp, it’s also for the benefit of our farmers who are interested in outperforming their competitors and themselves. Our ultimate goal is to provide our farming partners with the resources to work autonomously and to utilize these tools forever. 

Agricultural businesses have many challenges ranging from pest pressure, to uncertain markets and evolving practices and regulations. Our Botanical Solutions team has deep roots in farming and understands the issues facing farmers in our industry.  We see it as our mission to help support our farmers and take as much uncertainty out of the equation as possible.  We listen closely to what our farm partners need, and do our best to provide innovative solutions and generate positive outcomes.  Without you, there is no us.   

We want our farming partners to feel understood and most importantly, empowered when they decide to work with us. This industry continues to change, especially as cannabis approaches legalization around the country. And as farming, harvesting, and extraction techniques evolve, we will continue to provide dynamic expert counsel from seed to sale. But the principles of farming and procurement will remain the same. Focusing on quality over quantity will always win, even in a market that requires a fast turnaround for products of all types. 

Efficacy. Integrity. Expertise. These principles are integral to our business practices and we promise to maintain this approach for the benefit of everyone and every product at Botanical Solutions.

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