Why Botanical Solutions for THC Remediation?

Why Botanical Solutions for THC Remediation?

June 8, 2020

It’s simple: If you need THC remediation services, look no further. Our service is not just priced competitively, it also employs the use of new, cutting edge, proprietary technology that will enhance the quality of your CBD products.

During the month of June, we’re offering an incredible promotion for clients who request our THC remediation services. For $250 per output liter, you will receive the finest, broad spectrum (T-free) and full spectrum distillates on the market. And unlike other remediation services, Botanical Solutions has chosen to incur the loss of volume during the remediation process by charging our clients per output liter as opposed to input liter. You won’t find a better deal! It’s one of the many, tangible ways we express our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

We could not promise superior quality products without technology that ensures that superiority. Our cutting edge, proprietary remediation technology utilizes an innovative process called “Sound Harmonics” to separate THC from the cannabinoid compound. This technology uses sound waves, distilled water and pressure, while not using any solvents at all. When we say pure, we mean it. This proprietary software is the secret sauce and we can remediate to exacting specifications.

There’s a fast-moving race in our industry, especially as CBD grows in popularity worldwide. If you want to experience the best of the best, at highly competitive prices, book our remediation service today. Watch the video below for more information about our promotion and THC remediation process.

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