Our Client Portal

Our Client Portal

May 11, 2020

The customer always comes first. 

Anyone who works customer service knows this phrase to be true. And even in businesses that aren’t customer facing, their satisfaction sustains revenue despite their proximal distance to the distributor. The formulation of Botanical Solutions’ products reflects that truth. Quality products keep consumers happy, interested, and invested. But we don’t sell directly to consumers and it is important to consider how we can create a positive user experience for our business partners.

After some consideration, we created our Client Portal, a personalized site for our clients to track their orders in real time. As business professionals, we know that optimizing efficiency means increased profit, but that doesn’t mean that we have to rush the creation of our products. So in an effort to be as transparent as possible about the process, we wanted to grant our customers access to every detail of their order’s production, from the receipt of the request to the product’s completion. 

Clients will create an account on our site when they place their order, granting them access to the client portal that, like a package tracking service, provides the live updates we mentioned earlier. From beginning to end, you will be there through every step. Clients will also have access to Botanical Solutions’ customer service team in the event that you need to contact a team member about the status or contents of your order. And finally, when your order is complete, you will receive a Certificate of Analysis, confirming that your product meets the requirements issued by Quality Assurance. 

It’s simple but an important step in offering complete transparency and establishing trust between you and our team. We know that it can be difficult to relinquish control of your product to a third party, but we intend to give you every reason to trust our services and products. Our industry needs more transparency and communication between farmers, buyers, and sellers. We bridge those gaps, involving everyone in everything. If you’re interested in partnering with us, feel free to fill out our contact form for more information.

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