Open House Recap

Open House Recap

October 7, 2022

On September 30th, Botanical Solutions welcomed a small group of Hemp Industry professionals to our recently completed facilities in the Portland metro area. The CBD community has often been noted for an air of secrecy about individual business’ processes. As a result, there’s a general threshold of trust that is rarely met which unfortunately has limited collaboration. Fortunately, last Friday, was a chance to change this paradigm.  

From everyone at the organization, Botanical Solutions would like to thank all the attendees of its inaugural Open House event. The opportunity to display to our colleagues what we have built over the last few years, as well as giving others the chance to provide feedback was not only very unique, but especially needed. It was wonderful to hear individual’s stories of success and challenges from healing and hope through this fantastic plant to tales of triumph in the legislative arena. 

At Botanical Solutions, we hope to break the mold on how business is done in this industry and welcome the collaboration and the viewing of our processes for hemp veterans and newcomers alike. We believe that this camaraderie is key to bringing our industry to an evolved public perception.

Again, we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to be a part of something truly special. This is certainly only the first open house that we will host, and we invite you all to come join us for the next one.

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