Market Update: June Highlights

Market Update: June Highlights

July 2, 2020

As with most dynamic and novel industries, the market for CBD fluctuates due to a variety of factors. From stock availability, to harvest outcomes, to the time of year, Botanical Solutions stays tuned with the industry by tracking and assessing market trends while connecting with partners to sustainably forward the industry.

According to Hemp Benchmarks June report, the aggregate assessed price for CBD Biomass significantly up-ticked due to rises in rates. That being said, over the length of 2019, we’ve seen overall rates for CBD products reduced, implying sustained and improved operational efficiency. Many growers are still pulling from their 2019 biomass, even as we’re nearing 2020’s harvest in just a few months.

We’re starting to see COVID-19 affect the CBD industry by financially challenging large-scale extraction organizations and complicating supply chains, which in turn is increasing rates for refined oils. While some companies and growers face complex decisions due to market uncertainty, transportation challenges, and a lack of clarity from the federal government, we’re collectively feeling hopeful for a growing community of CBD and hemp supporters that find the value in plant-based products. As the market becomes even more competitive, it’s imperative that companies invest in high-quality isolates and crude oils to attract buyers, generate business, and stand out in a crowded arena.

Botanical Solutions helps amplify high-quality isolates and crude oils through our in-house proprietary cryogenic and room-temperature ethanol extraction processes. We have the capacity to run high-level extractions at scale without sacrificing quality and efficacy. Our lab and team is able to process 15,000 pounds of biomass in 24 hours, which helps our clients stay at the forefront of the ever-growing industry.

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