High Tech Meets Extraction

High Tech Meets Extraction

March 19, 2020

Over the past few years, the hemp and CBD industries have exploded in popularity, production, and revenue. It’s estimated that by 2023, CBD product sales will reach $23.7 billion globally. While the industry is still novel, it’s evolved enough to establish that the quality of a product means everything – for the producer and consumer. 

The quality of a CBD product is determined not only by the raw material, but also by the technique with which it was extracted. From supercritical CO2 to Ethanol and other solvents,  producers lean into a variety of techniques and tools to ensure that the CBD they produce is free of harmful byproducts or damage from solvents and heat. Since the CBD industry is continuously evolving, new high-tech equipment and techniques will improve efficacy, efficiency, and overall quality. 

With product integrity in mind, Botanical Solutions prioritizes investing in leading-edge technology in order to stay ahead of the curve and to provide resources for clients who would normally face a barrier to entry. Our extraction equipment is outfitted with advanced monitoring and remote control capabilities to assess what’s happening behind the scenes. Any data captured regarding product efficacy is recorded and considered throughout the production process. By consistently monitoring production, data, and output, we have the information to optimize our process and accurately track activity in the Botanical Solutions lab.

To truly differentiate ourselves and offer the best products we can, we’ve commissioned a custom designed photoreactor for THC remediation at our Portland-based laboratory. Using proprietary methods, we’re able to efficiently remediate products at any volume to meet legal requirements for both Botanical Solutions’ products and external clients. 

Additionally, we’ve secured a custom short-path distillation system modeled after the sealing systems used in space crafts. This technology is designed with high-tech crushed copper seals that connect Conflat vacuum flanges and magnetic drives to produce an intense vacuum seal of 10 to the -7th Torr (equivalent to the pressure in space). The intense vacuum flange shortens the path between vaporization and condensation, which preserves the structural integrity of volatile compounds in the hemp plant. With this custom design, we’re able to meet the optimal volatility, equilibrium vapor pressure, and boiling point to transform cannabinoids into a final cannabis distillate.

To complement the in-depth tracking of production and supply, we assign each batch of biomass a trackable QR code. That way, customers can actively track their products through the Botanical Solutions customer portal and plan their own operations accordingly. Our approach to the CBD industry is simple: create materials, infrastructure and knowledge that’s accessible and transparent. The customer portal acts as a medium for connecting, overseeing progress, and data collection for both Botanical Solutions and our clients. 

Botanical Solutions is always working to be ahead of trends. We understand that this industry needs innovators who can work efficiently and effectively. Our guarantee is that you will receive the best products and quality of service in this industry. Let’s get to work.

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