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We encourage sustainable and healthy relationships between soil and plant, farmer and supplier, and product and buyer. Botanical Solutions proudly practices a seed-to-harvest upstream supply chain approach that not only enables us to work closely with farmers, but to also regulate our processing methods starting from the ground up.

The keystone of our integrative approach is The Local Farmer Partner Program, a collaborative network of agricultural and industry experts who work with farmers to educate, encourage, and improve the future of hemp production.

By providing invaluable tools and knowledge, our agricultural partners not only produce top-tier hemp, but become an active part in our bottom-up approach to a stagnant industry. The Botanical Solutions mentorship team is composed of experienced and successful agriculture and business professionals. As farming, harvesting, and extraction techniques evolve, we provide dynamic expert counsel from seed to sale.

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Farmer Partner benefits include seed procurement, education/training, farm design, soil testing, feeding schedules, discounted fertilizer, plant pest monitoring by our expert staff, harvest assistance, toll processing, and access to equipment.

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Farmer Partner Steps

Our farmers are our family

That’s why we provide ongoing education, mentorship, and assistance to produce the highest-quality CBD on the market.

Step 1: Apply

Interested in joining the partner program? Let us know about your farm, your goals, your planned acreage and our team will contact you.

Step 2: Vetting

Before signing a new farm, we visit and vet farms to make sure we’re the right fit.

Step 3: Mutual Growth

We’re believers in long-term relationships. By providing the tools and support to succeed, both our farm partners and our business can thrive.

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