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Based in the Portland metro area, the Botanical Solutions lab combines industrial-scale processing with scientific precision to produce high-quality CBD extraction services and products.

Our proprietary extraction technology and team of scientists efficiently process large contracts without sacrificing quality or efficacy. With a processing capacity of 15,000 pounds of biomass per 24 hours, Botanical Solutions can scale and tailor solutions based on your needs.

To stay at the forefront of industry growth and development, we constantly upgrade extraction equipment to offer the best services to our partners at an affordable price point. Our climate-controlled biomass storage area, in-house testing facilities, and rigid standards ensure a safe and unparalleled product.

Services include, but are not limited to: proprietary cryogenic ethanol, winterization, distillation, THC remediation, isolates, and nano-emulsion.

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Our commitment

Science, First

Science, trust, efficacy, and integrity are vital to the success of our company. Botanical Solutions’ state-of-the-art cryogenic ethanol lab and operational standards reflect our commitment to producing distinguished CBD products. Our extraction team boasts unmatched experience in chemistry, business, and designing extraction facilities.

Vertically-Integrated Processing

We pride ourselves on a business model that owns every aspect of the extraction process. We forge partnerships with farmers, oversee extraction operations, test product quality, and consult with buyers because our comprehensive approach works. By prioritizing a vertically-integrated approach, we operate at the highest standard to offer our partners fair and competitive pricing in real time.

the process

Step 1

Primary Extraction

Separate the oil from the source. Our state of the art cryogenic ethanol extraction system can process up to 2 acres (5000 pounds of biomass) per 8 hour shift, without sacrificing high-quality and efficiency.

Step 2

Solvent & Distillation

Isolate individual compound for optimal efficacy. After the primary extraction, ethanol is removed via our multi-step distillation system.

Step 3


Remove impurities for high-quality CBD crude oil. The extracted solution is
re-dissolved in our proprietary blend, chilled to -90 Celsius, and processed through a six stage filter.

Step 4


After winterization, the CBD crude oil is processed in our high-capacity short path distillation to refine the solution into a pure CBD distillate.

Step 5

Isolation & Recrystalization

Following short-path distillation, the distal is then placed in our isolation chamber to form 99% pure CBD crystals.

CBD extraction process